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darkness in the clouds | COMING SOON
A chilling book I've wanted to write for most of my life. It is based on my childhood personal account of real demonic activity and serves as a blueprint to understanding the art of spiritual warfare.

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God is in fact, the most maximal thought any human being could have. There's no idea that is loftier and no being that is greater. His sacrifice on the cross was the greatest in human history. And His story is the most remarkable ever told.

So, I tell it.
My current YouTube channel serves as a place to explore the character of God on a much deeper level, seeing the biblical text for what it truly is.
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A podcast that bridges the gap between the supernatural truths of the Bible and our earthly realm. I am currently taking a break from this show however feel free to check out the first few episodes.

UpNorth Kingdom

I created this show for Christians that wanted to better understand the truths of the Bible.  I'm no longer producing this show but all episodes are still available for free.

Free Guides
digital apologetics guide
Kingdom Guide to Apologetics

Interested in apologetics? This guide will help you get started with some basic fundamentals.

welcome to the faith guide
Welcome to the Faith

Christianity can be difficult at times. This guide provides some nuggets of wisdom and insights to help you along.

My Thoughts on Paper

Breaking free from Christian tradition

Tradition has Believers purchasing buildings, taking up funding and filling seats for what we call a local church.

Getting to know God personally

When you start asking the real hard questions - the existential questions - a reality sets in that humbles you. At least this is what happened to me as a child.

Meet God Newsletter Archives

Feel free to check out the archives from the Meet God newsletter. The newsletter included practical ways Christians could come to truly know God through scripture, not tradition. It often came with homework which is not part of the archives.

How should we pray? - Simplifying Prayer

It’s an odd thing isn’t it? That we can find praying to God very complicated. But was it ever meant to be, you know… complicated?

God’s faith in humanity

It's no secret that the world is broken. And when we think about the human race it’s easy to perceive ourselves as victims.

Angels vs Man

These angels weren’t content with how God created them or their dwelling in heaven.

Modern Day Jonahs

I want you to be aware of modern day Jonahs. They posit ideas about salvation and God that are rooted in evil because of their own self-righteousness.

The Flood: God would rather destroy the world than lose us

But God in His jealous love for you and I, for humanity, wiped out all of His work in order to preserve His work.

The Watchers Part 2: Angels of Heaven

Unfortunately, it’s commonly taught that no other book has value aside from the Bible, and to even think otherwise borders on heresy. This simply isn’t fact.
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